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algebra 2

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i need help with my algebra 2 homework, the section is called using matrices to represent data. here is one of the problems:

-1/2A+(B-A) A=[7 3 -1 5]
[-2 8 0 -4] and

B= [6 0 11 -3]
[-5 2 -8 9]
i don't know how to do this problem and the book doesn't have a problem like this for me to look at i don't know which to solve first and does it matter which part you solve first
i would really appreciate it if you could help, thanks!

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    (-1/2)A is a scalar multiplication
    simply multiply each member of the matrix by -1/2

    to add or subtract matrices, they must first of all have the same dimension.

    then simply add/subract the corresponding members.

    here is a nice short webpage, look at the top examples.

  • algebra 2 - ,

    thanks soo much!!!that helps!

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