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hi i need help getting the message of some cartoons but i can't post them so what i am to do

thank you

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    You could read your history book to find the facts behind these cartoons.

    Or you can Google key words in them.

    If you try to describe one or two, we'll try to help you.

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    HI. thank you for your help. Both these cartoons are about FDR

    One of them is called Studying nights. It has FDR sitting next to Secretary of Sate Hall reading a book that says Tricks and Trades of european diplomacy.

    The other cartoon is called Diplomatic poker and it has people from different countries sitting playing poker with FDR saying ante up or leave the game. Two people say there are in and the other says I pass.

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    The dates on the cartoons would lead to different interpretations.

    Before Dec. 7, 1941, when the U.S. entered WWII, the first one could pertain to our attempts to support our European friends, yet stay out of the war.

    However, as I think about them, it's more likely that both cartoons pertain to the coming Cold War at the end of WWII. It was a scramble to assure that we had allies in the Cold War to counteract the Soviet Union's sphere of influence. If you can identify the nationalities of the other players, it would help you interpret the latter cartoon.

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    One of the contries is Italy. Wait the person who says ante up or leave the game might be hitler

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