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suppose that you could decompose 0.250 mole of Ag2s into its elements
a.How many moles of silver would you have? how many moles of sulfur would you have?

b. how many moles of ag2s are there in 38.8 g of AG2S? how many moles of silver and sulfur would be produced from this amount of Ag2S?

c. caculate the masses of silver and sulfur produced in(b)

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    Ag2S ==> 2Ag^+ + S^-2
    0.250 moles Ag2S will give you 2x0.250 moles Ag because the formula tells you there are 2 Ag ions for each Ag2S molecule. The moles of sulfur will be 1x0.250 because there is 1 atom S for each molecule of Ag2S.

    See my previous response for moles from 38.8 g.

    Part three is a stoichiometry problem. Post your thoughts and what you don't understand if you get stuck and we can help you through.

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    i don't get part three at all please help

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    Ag2S==> 2Ag^+ + S^-2
    Convert grams Ag2S to moles Ag2S.
    Convert moles Ag2S to moles Ag.
    Convert moles Ag2S to moles S^-2
    Convert moles Ag to grams. grams = moles x molar mass.
    Convert moles S to grams. grams = moles x molar mass.
    Post your work AND EXPLAIN FULLY any step you don't understand.

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    pH? 40.0ml of 0.100M when 20.0ml of 0.250M

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