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Please help me answer this problem, sorry I cannot draw the shapes mentioned
Q. Add one or more lines to make these shapes rigid.
1) square
2) rectangle
3) issoceles
4) pentagon
5) trapezium
6) octagon

Thank you very much.

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    Make them into a bunch of triangles with interior lines. Triangles do not change shape once the length of the three sides is fixed. (side,side,side --->congruent)
    For example once you draw one diagonal in a square, it is split into two triangles and will not squish into a parallelogram.
    This is not just theory. It is how you build bridges and buildings.

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    Can you tell me how to turn a percentages into a fraction?

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    mIA, don't tag new questions on the end of other problems, start a new post.

    percent means per centum or per hundred

    so whatever the percentage number is, divide it by 100, then reduce to lowest terms if needed.
    35% = 35/100 = 7/20
    7% = 7/100
    12.3% = 12.3/100 = 123/1000

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