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I want to know HOW to do the problems, not just an answer please.

1.) How many moles of ions are released when 0.27 moles of CoCl2 is dissolved in water?

2.) A 5.54-g sample of vinegar was neutralized by 30.10 mL of 0.100M NaOh. What is the precent (by weight) of acetic acid in the vinegar?
(Acetic acid is CH3COOH)

Thank you for your help

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    a) the ions released are Co++ , and Cl- ions. So for every CoCl2 formula, there will be three ions formed.
    So what is 3*.27 moles?

    b) Write the neutralization equation
    H-acetate + NaOH>> Na-acetate+ HOH

    Which means for every mole of NaOH, one mole of acid is gone.
    Moles of acidused=molesNaOH=
    = .03010*.100=3.01mMoles
    Next determine the moles of acid left:
    I assume you can convert the 5.54g to moles. Calculate then the moles of acid left, and then covert back to grams.

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