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Steps required for a multicultural education to be effective.

According to J.A.Banks the steps required for a multicultural classroom to be effective is you must have multicultural education policy statement and supports diversity, the staff should have positive attitudes and expectations toward the diverse students, the school staff reflects ethnic and cultural diversity, the curriculum is transformation, the parents should participate, teacher strategies are constructivist and empowering, the teachers materials should present diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural perspectives on events, concepts, and issues, and the final step to have a multicultural classroom affective is that each program should be monitored on a daily basis.

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    Scooby, what is your question?

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    "the curriculum is TRANSFORMATIONAL . . ." It also reflects social movement.

    I don't know how long your paper should be, but you can click on all of the links on that site for more information about each of these points.

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    types of activities you would incorporate into your lassroom that would support a multicultural education for all groups in this class.

    is multicultural holidays like what each ethnic group celebrates. like for example the whites celebreate christmas - the birth of jesus, the african americans celebrate the civil war cause lincoln freed the slaves with the act, the latinos celelbrate cinco de mayo, and the asian celebrates the chinese new year? if so i don't knw what to say for the native americans

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    You'd better have really good teachers and a good curriculum that are supported by more than adequate supplies. Without those things, you can study all the holidays you want -- there won't be much education.

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    Many different ethnic groups celebrate Christmas. Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated by many African Americans. No one celebrates the Civil War.

    Here is an interesting site for holidays celebrated by various Asian countries.

    I would suggest getting the students to choose holidays that their family community celebrates and letting them bring the information and maybe some type of snack common to that holiday to class.

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    what about for african americans to celelbrate martin luther king jr?

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    That is another holiday that is celebrated, however, Kwanzaa is a good "ethnic" celebration.

    Here are some other suggestions for multicultural classrooms. Holidays are a start; but you can go to myths, theatre, dance, food, customs, family structure. etc, etc. etc. All the while learning history and assorted languages.

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    for native americans i can say pow wows right?

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    There are some very interesting ideas in the sites of this GOOGLE Search:


    P.S. For Native Americans, also the spirit world.

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