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Posted by physics on Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 10:31pm.

please check these 3:
if the batteries in a portable CD player provide a terminal voltage of 12 V, what is the potential difference across the entire CD player?
a. 3.0 V
b. 4.0 V
c. 6.0 V
d. 12 V


two resistors having the same resistance value are wired in parallel. how does the equivalent resistance compare to the resistance value of a single resistor?
a. the equivalent resistance is twice the value of a single resistor
b. the equivalent resistance is the same as a single resistor
c. the equivalent reisstnance is half the value of a single resisstor
d. the equivalent resistance is greater than that of a single reistor


Which statement describes Earth's magnetic declination?
a. the angle between Earth's magnetic field and Earhts' surface
b. earht's magnetic field strength at teh equator
c. the tendency for earth's field to refverse itself
d. the angle between true north and north indicated by a compass


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