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Posted by physics on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at 9:57pm.

please check these:
a laser can be used
a. to treat glaucoma
b. to measure distance
c. to read bar codes
d. all of the above


in a laser, all of the following forms of energy can be converted into coherent light except
a. chemical energy
b. electrical energy
c. light
d. nuclear energy


Which of the following is the process of using a light wave to produce more waves with properties identical to those of the first wave?
a. stimulated emission
b. active medium
c. hologram
d. bandwidth


for high resolution in optical instruments, the angle between resolved objects should be
a. as small as possible
b. as large as possible
c. 1.22 degrees
d. 45degrees

i'm not sure but i think B

The angle between the first-order maximum and the central maximum for monochromatic light of 2300 nm is 27degrees. Calculate the number of lines per centimeter on this grating.
a. 1600 lines/cm
b. 2000 lines/cm
c. 2500 lines/cm
d. 4500 lines/cm


that would be alll

thanks a lot to anyone who can check all 5 of these :)

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