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Caring for School-Age Children

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Child care staff are most effective during science activities when they

A.encourage convergent thinking
B. answer questions as soon as they're asked
C. guide children through structured activities
D. limit experimentation to ensure safety

I chose A can someone check my answer.

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    Yep. You're right!

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    Nuts to all the answers. Why not divergent thinking? What is wrong with Gestalt thinking?

    As a science educator, I found that D is likely to be of most benefit to the children. Most "educational" teaching focuses on C, which in some cases is appropriate, but frankly, without letting children operate based on what they think is likely to make kids think of science as cookbook.

    I don't know why anyone would encourage convergent thinking..unless one were desiring group think. Answering questions are important, but it is a stronger response to answer questions with another question. Safety dictates that some questions be answered quickly and accurately.

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  • Caring for School-Age Children -

    A is corect

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