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Posted by Jason on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 at 12:03pm.

In the following half equation, which is the oxidizing agent?

NO3–(aq) + 4H+(aq) + 3e– <--> NO(g) + 2H2O
a. NO3–
b. H+
c. e–
d. NO
e. H2O

An oxidizing agent is a chemical compound that readily transfers oxygen atoms, or is a substance that gains electrons in a redox chemical reaction. In both cases, the oxidizing agent becomes reduced in the process.

NO3- transfers oxygen atoms to make water molecules, so NO3- is possibley the oxidizing agent.

H+ gains electrons to make water molecules.

Help I am torn between NO3- and H+ as the oxidizing agent. I leaning toward this one correct?

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