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math 7th grade

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A coin is tossed. If a head appears, a spinner that can land on any of the numbers from 1 to 5 is spun. If a tail appears, the coin is tossed a second time instead of spinning the spinner. What are the possible outcomes?
A. (T,H)(T,T)(T,1)(T,2)(T,3)(T,4)(T,5)
B. (T,H)(H,H)(T,1)(T,2)(T,3)(T,4)(T,5)
C. (T,H)(T,T)(H,1)(H,2)(H,3)(H,4)(H,5)
D. (T,H)(H,H)(H,1)(H,2)(H,3)(H,4)(H,5)

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    Well is has to be C or D because you don't get a spin with tails on the first throw. Of those two, how could there be an (H,H) possibility?

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    Find the probability of each event.

    Spinning red on a spinner with equally sized red, blue, yellow, and green sectors, and flipping a coin that lands tails up.

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