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1)What are the current flaws in the Electoral College system?
2) What changes would you make in the system?
3)Would you make these changes? Why? How?

1)There are several flaws in the Electoral College system. Among these, is the Winner Take All system. Applyng this method, the winner of the primary or electoral college vote takes all of the state's convention or electoral college delegates. This is not an issue, but the way states apportion their votes is. In all but two states, the winner of a state takes all its electoral votes. Also, The Electoral College violates the principle of one-person-one-vote. That is why a candidate with fewer popular votes can sometimes win in the Electoral College Next, is a vote in one state can count for more in another state. This is only effective only if he votes in the majority (with the state). There are two ways that a person can be said to be disenfranchised. In the first they can be directly prevented from voting. In the second their vote can simply not matter.

That is what I have for the first paragraph (I need 3). But I am not sure if it is good enough, and I don't know how to answer the next few questions.

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