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college algebra

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Sally took four tests in science class. On each successive test, her score improved by 3 points. If her mean score was 69.5%, what did she score on the first test?

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  • college algebra -

    thanks for the answer but can you please show how you got that answer

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    the tests improve by 3 points, therefore:

    test 1 x
    test 2 x+3
    test 3 x+6
    test 4 x+9

    the mean is the sum of the test scores divided by the number of tests. also, we know the mean = 69.5%

    therefore, we get the equation:

    (4x+18)/4 = 69.5%
    4x+18 = 278
    4x = 260
    x = 65

    therefore the score on the first test was 65%

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