February 22, 2017

Homework Help: Algebra: 8th Grade; Equation Check

Posted by Meaghan on Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 11:22pm.

1) A private airplane leaves an airport and flies due south at 192 km/h. Two hours later a jet leaves at the same airport and flies due south at 960 km/h. When will the jet overtake the plane?
t = time
192(t+3) = 960

2)An airplane flew for 4 hours with a 20-km/h tail wind. The return flight against the same wind took 5 hours. Find the speed of the plane in still air.
r = rate in which the plane is moving
4(r+20 = 5(r-20)

3) It takes a passenger train 2 hours less time than it takes a reight train to make the trip from Central City to Clear Creek. The passenger train averages 96 km/h while the freight train averages 63 km/h. How far is it from Central City to Clear Creek?
On this one, I don't know.

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