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8th Grade Algebra

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I don't know how to do these types of problems whatsoever.

1) It takes a small jet plane 4 hours less time than it takes a propeller-driven plane to travel from Glen Rock to Oakville. The jet plane averages 637 km/h while the propeller plane averages 273 km/h. How far is it from Glen Rock to Oakville?

2)An airplane took 2 hours to fly 600 km against a head wind. The return trip with the wind took 1 2/3 hours. Find the speed of the plane in still air.

  • 8th Grade Algebra -

    Let d be distance.

    set them equal to each other, and solve for time. Then solve for d.


    divide the first equation by 2, and the second by 1.66

    add the equations...
    300+600/1.66 = 2*Speed
    solve for speed

  • 8th Grade Algebra -


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