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Posted by John on Friday, March 6, 2009 at 8:26pm.

Your are future seeds. What is your future hope? Jihyeon's future hope is to become an announcer. Write down what she had to do the achieve her dream.

1. I will try to read a book every day.
2. I will try to drink orange juice from time to time.
3. I will try to get up early in the morning.
4. I will try to practice pronouncing clearly.
5. I will try to take exercise on a regular basis.
6. I will try to get good grade in exams.
7. I will try to learn speech at a speech private institute.
8. I will try to be on top in my class.
9. I will try to read newspaper articles loudly.
10. I will try to go to the speech department in college.

(Would you like to check the expressions above?)

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