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Its for a webdesign class at school. i already designed the interface in photoshop.
"Take your completed interface page and using the knife tool slice it up into parts that should be segmented such as the header, content area, links, footer.
Then, save for web and optimize each slice. All web elements should be optimized as GIFs, all photos as JPEGs. Save as index (homepage)HTML and images in your interface folder.
Notice Photoshop created an HTML file and a folder called images with the slices in it.
Now, open DW and open the HTML file. Here we will create another page and make some links."
"OK, open the interface index page in DW. Notice that's it's in a table with the slices as cells. Select the table and align it center using the properties inspector. Notice the options on the prperties inspector.
Go to modify>page properties and select a backround color. Other values for text, links, ect can be set here.
Save the index page and then save as any other pages to creat the site with at least 2 pages. They will all be the same (template).
Now insert data in content area.
Make internal and external links using properties inspector. Test site. Save."

Please help!

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