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Can someone please look over my paragraph and tell me if theres anything wrong with it.

American Revolution - Patriot or Loyalist Paragraph.


Introduction - Who are the Patriots and Loyalists.

Which side would you have chosen and why?

MUST have 3 reasons.

The paragraph is below.

  • History Paper -

    Loyalists were people who were loyal to the King of England during the American Revolution. They supported the King and his policies. Many of these people were wealthy, land owners or had been appointed by the King to serve in government positions. The Loyalists were also American colonists in favor of keeping things the way they were. Many Loyalists had come to the colonies to make a better life for themselves and their families, but they still enjoyed the privileges of British protection.

    The patriots were American colonists in favor of separation from England. They felt England wasn't doing a good enough job of meeting their needs, and forcing them to do things without their consent or approval (taxing them on tea, when they didn't have representation, for example).
    The Patriots wanted a change and were willing to fight for this change, thus the American Revolution which lasted from 1775-1781.

    Contrary to popular belief, only one-third of all American colonists were Patriots. One-third were Loyalists, and the rest didn't care either way.

    I would have been a Loyalist because England was the strongest empire on Earth at the time. Plus England had a well trained army, and could give protection to the colonies.

    The loyalists knew that the number one power in the world was England, not only militarily, but economically as well. Some maybe feared the power of England and therefore stayed loyal. Others knew that as the number one economic power, England was the prime buyer of American raw materials and agricultural products. One does not want to go to war with ones number one customer.

    Another reason is as long as American colonies were closely tied to England, the great British Navy would protect American products. There were many pirates and privateers preying on shipping lanes. The British Navy helped stop them. The loyalists didn't want that protection to end. There was also the frontier. British troops were protecting the colonies along the Appalachian Mountains. The loyalists didn't want that to end either. They were willing to pay taxes in order to pay for the British troops in the colonies.

    Lastly the revolutionists would only sever ties with England and start a new kingdom. This would cause major problems. No other form of government had existed for over 1500 years-except when Oliver Cromwell took control of England. Unless you were born to a royal family, you were only the a subject of one monarch or another.

    Would you rather be a patriot or a loyalist?
    Would you rather be a patriot and have a weak government, with a untrained army of hatters, farmers, blacksmiths, etc....?
    Or would you rather be a loyalist and live under a strong government, have protection from invaders and a well trained army? I choose Loyalist.
    My conclusion isn't that great, but I couldn't thing of anything else.
    Thanks for your assistance.

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