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Algebra I

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I have to use the property of exponents to rewrite the expression.
I'm just asking if -3^6 is right.
(we don't have to solve it--just simplify it)
Thank you!

  • Algebra I -

    multiply the (-4m^3) by (2m+m^2)
    = -8m^4 - 4m^5

    that's all
    I can't even see what you did wrong to get -3^6
    what happened to your m's ?

  • Algebra I -

    If i have two base variables with exponents for example:
    After getting x^2-would i have just ONE variable base?
    i.e. 4(3x^2)
    or place the exponent on BOTH variable bases like this:

  • Algebra I -

    whoops, meant to post that as a question. just...disreagard that last comment please, and Thanks Reiny. Sorry-it's a very late Monday for me.

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