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Read the passage labeled number 2 starting on p. 473 in your text. As you read, either use the Two Column Note (see directions on how to create a table below these directions) or the Spider Web graphic organizer to identify the main idea and supporting details for this passage. A blank template is included in the Unit 8 Readings section (located on the left nav.) for the Spider Web graphic organizer. Post this graphic organizer or Two Column Note table in the dropbox as an attachment identifying the main idea and supporting details.

Then write an analytical text summary (5-7 sentences) that includes the key information of the passage and post this as well in the dropbox.
I perfer to use the two column note:
Here is the reading from the text:
Students indicate that learning can be divided into two categories: incidental learning and intentional learning. Incidental learning takes place by chance; there is no clearly define intention to learn. For eaxmple, a student wanting to check if he knows the first sixteen presidents of the United States may ask a friend to listen while they are named. During the recitation, the friend may, by chance, also learns the names of the sixteens presidents. Intentional learning occurs when a clearly defined purpose exist from the very beginning. For example, a student may sit down with a list of the fifty states and their capitals because she needs to learn them for a test. Current research suggests that intentional learning is more effective because it stays with us over time.

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    What did you find to be the main idea?

    What are the supporting ideas?

    We'll be glad to check your work.

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