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A swimming pool is 3 feet deep in the shallow end. The bottom of the pool has a steady downward drop of 12 degrees toward the deep end. If the pool is 50 feet long, how deep is the deep end.

So I said that first you would subtract three from 50, of course giving you 47, then, I said
tan12 = x/47
tan12 * 47 = x
x = about 10 feet
is this right

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    the length is 50 feet, it has nothing to do with the fact that the depth is 3 feet at the shallow end.
    make a sketch, showing a side view of the pool and you will see the problem more clearly. Draw a line horizontally to show a rectangle 50 by 3 at the top and a right-angled triangle with a length of 50 and a width of x feet
    then tan12 = x/50
    x = 50tan12 = 10.63 feet

    x is the "additional" depth below the shallow end
    so the deep end is 10.63 + 3 or
    13.63 feet deep.

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    The bottom of a swimming pool isn't a regular profile. The deep end is about 6 foot 6

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