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Homework Help: 10th grade English (Art Essay)

Posted by Andrew on Monday, March 2, 2009 at 3:58am.

This is my Art assignment but I just wanted to make sure whether there are any mistakes. Please help!

Reading or evaluating the visual images around us is a critical skill to have in our lives. By looking at different images and sculptures, people can evaluate and discover the meaning or values of those works. Main categories of sculptures around us are traditional, modern and contemporary artworks. Understanding of its significant meanings and the general background of its historical and cultural context is a critical criterion for analyzing different sculptures. Such astonishing sculptures which represent its artistic values are David by Michelangelo, Three Men Walking by Giacometti and Another Place by Gormley. Although these sculptures are different types of work, they all contain its significant story and aesthetic considerations behind it.

One of the most well-known traditional sculptures is David by Michelangelo. David¡¯s well-described body and impressive look shows the viewers how successful and powerful he was. Michelangelo depicted David before the battle, where his tense and muscular body is vividly shown. His slingshot over his shoulders used to kill Goliath is almost invisible, emphasizing that his victory was one of cleverness, not sheer force. The triumphant look of David shows that although he was a small man, he had great courage and power which could defeat Goliath the giant. Although his body was sculpted too thin, his overall shape and artistic qualities did not come out too bad. David¡¯s great look and aesthetic value clearly shows that Michelangelo has put in a lot of effort to accomplish another masterpiece. Therefore, David¡¯s muscular body and his victorious story well support its artistic values as successful and remarkable artwork.

Secondly, Giacometti¡¯s Three Men Walking is known as one of the most famous modern sculptures in the world. His strange looking sculpture gives the viewers that they look like stick figures rather than people. His typical way of designing his sculptures to be stretched out is because of his unique view of reality, describing people as helpless and impassive. He did not just make his sculptures without some sort of meaning, but he looked back at different people¡¯s emotions and concentrated to represent them onto his sculptures. He attempted to create renditions of his models the way he saw them, and the way he thought they ought to be seen. His significant ways of designing the sculptures shows that he had an aesthetic view towards the authenticity in our life. Three Men Walking not only shows its vivid implication, but also the sculptor¡¯s reason of designing such artistic work.

Finally, Another Place by Gormley is one of the best examples of Contemporary sculpture which shows its artistic qualities. This sculpture, or rather ¡°sculptures¡± are spread out almost 2 miles along the sea. These 100 iron figures all look out to the sea as if they are looking at something with desperation. These sculptures are seen differently from people who obviously have different reflections. Some considers that it simply is just another form of ¡®pornography¡¯ as almost all figures are naked. However, people who evaluate these sculptures with artistic values see them as beautiful pieces of art. The sculptures also strengthen its artistic values by its surroundings, where it receives different background in different times of the day. Another Place is not just another tourist attraction, but it describes humans¡¯ nature of curiosity and implication. Thus, Another Place presents the viewer with significant challenges by their artistic value.

Traditional, modern and contemporary sculptures are different types of art work, yet they contain artistic values which presents the viewer with momentous challenges. Among these different sculptures, Michelangelo¡¯s David, Giacometti¡¯s Three Men Walking and Gormley¡¯s Another Place successfully establish their aesthetic qualities with their significant meaning and historical and cultural context. Therefore, these different sculptors successfully represent their artistic qualities on their masterpiece.

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