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Gen. Chemistry

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A 0.887 g sample of a mixture of NaCl and KCl is dissolved in water and the solution is treated with an excess of AgNO3 producing 1.822 g of AgCl. What is the percent by mass of each component in the mixture?

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    Two equations and two unknowns.
    equation 1.
    mass NaCl + mass KCl = 0.887 g
    I would let y = mass NaCl and z = mass KCl.

    equation 2.
    AgCl from NaCl + AgCl from KCl = 1.822 g.
    y g*(1 mol AgCl/1 mol NaCl) + z g*(1 mol AgCl/1 mol KCl) = 1.822.

    Solve for y and z
    You want percent of each; therefore,
    (grams y/mass sample)*100 = %NaCl
    (grams z/mass sample)*100 = %KCl.
    [Note:Mass of the sample is 0.877 in the problem.][another note: where 1 mol AgCl/1 mol NaCl is used, substitute molar mass AgCl and molar mass NaCl. For 1 mol AgCl/1 mol KCl substitute molar mass AgCl and molar mass KCl.]

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