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Posted by eliz on Sunday, March 1, 2009 at 5:48pm.

Question: Consider following equilibrium system: SO2(g)+ Cl2(g) goes to So2Cl2(g) Kp=.900 atm @25 degree C. Suppose that 2.0 moles S02, 1.0 moles Cl2, and 3.0 moles So2Cl2 are placed in an empty 4.00L vessel at 25 degree C. Compute the number of grams of each substance present at equilibrium.

I set up an ICE table and converted all the moles of each substance to Molarity of each. Once i did that i got stuck, because the Kp is in atm and the other values are in molarity. What do i have to do to get atm of each and than convert those into grams?

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