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no matter how many different ways i try to solve this, i cannot end up with the answer my textbook is providing me with 38m, 17m/s...

A car travelling at 40km/h accelerates at 2.3m/s^2 for 2.7s. How far has it travelled in that time? What is its final velocity?

I am supposed to use kinetic euqations for this.

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    Perhaps your problem is with being forced to change dimensions. The initial speed of 40 km/h is 11.1 m/s

    Add 2.3 m/s^2*2.7s = 6.2 m/s (rounded off) to the initial velocity, and that leads to a final velocity of 17.3 m/s. The AVERAGE velocity during the acceleration interval is 14.2 m/s. During the 2.7 s interval, it travels
    14.2 m/s x 2.7 s = 38.3 m

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