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4th grade

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Write the missing number in each fraction so that the fraction belongs in the box. Write one more fraction that can go in the box. 1. 2/3 /9 12/ 20/ /12

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    check your question... i don't see any box

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    Lets say 2/3 is the root fraction.

    you wanted to solve /9. you know the denominator of both those fractions.

    3, and 9. what would you multiply 3 by to get 9? You would times it by 3.

    Whatever you do to the bottom you do to the top.

    So, it would be 2x3=6. The answer is: 6/9.

    If your trying to solve the denominator, 12/
    find out what 2 multiplies by to get 12. Answer: 6. You multiply 3 by 6 and get 18. The answer is 12/18.

    Try the rest by yourself, and post them here. And I will be glad to help if you have any more questions.

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    Ms.w ordered new uniforms for the basketball team. The boxes of uniforms are stacked in the gym. How many boxes of uniforms are there?

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  • 4th grade -

    write the missing improper fraction in each box

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