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Adverbs modify verbs. Adjectives modify nouns.

Adjective: That car is different.
Adverb: He thinks differently.

What happens with the following verbs and why?

He looks __________

Different or differently?

He sounds

different or differently?

The form of Different is modifying the verbs look or sound, so shouldn't the correct answer be the adverb "differently?" The problem is that this doesn't sound correct.

What is the unique situation here?


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    Verbs of "sense" - looks, feels, seems, sounds, smells, tastes - may have the same purpose as a 'be" verb. They would use a predicate adjective following them. Predicate adjectives modify the subject and are preceeded by a linking verb. Lemon=sour.

    The lemon "is" sour. The lemon tastes sour.

    Hope this explains the difference clearly.

    The hurdle looks high. The hurdle is high.

    The baby seems sick. The baby is sick.

    So one would use - He looks different.

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    Thanks. Much appreciated.

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