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Classify this system of equations:

5x + y = 19
x + 5y = 23

a) consistent, independent
b) inconsistent
c) inconsistent, dependent
d) dependent

Would elimination or substitution be the way to solve this? I tried both ways and I either got a negative or a strange decimal. Thanks!

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    Just inspecting it, the lines are perpendicular, so they are definitiely consistent. Now if you don't know how to recognize that, you can solve it by elimination. multipy the first equation by 5
    25x+5y=95 then subtract the second equation
    24x=95-23 solve for x, then go back and use either of the equations to find y. It looks in decimal not simple, I would leave it in fractions (x=74/24=37/12 I think, check it)

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