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8th Grade Algebra

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1) An exam will have 20 questions worth a total of 100 points. There will be True-False questions worth 3 points each and short essay questions worth 11 points each. Several students ask how many essay questions there will be, but the teacher won't tell. How many essay questions will there be.

  • 8th Grade Algebra -

    let x = number of true-false questions
    let y = number of essay questions

    x + y = 20
    3x + 11 y = 100

    Solve those two equations. I assume you know how. Substitution is one way.

  • 8th Grade Algebra -

    I got 15 T-F Questions
    and 5 Essay Questions.

    is that right ??

  • 8th Grade Algebra -

    check: 45 + 55 = 100
    Looks good!

  • 8th Grade Algebra -

    Thank You very mcuh.

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