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If the same solute is dissolved in two different solvents to the same concentration and the same temperature, the osmotic pressure ____

My answer & reason: solution A has a smaller molecular weight and therefore, a larger Molarity and higher osmotic pressure (pi=iMRT)

Potassium chloride is used in the kitchen as a salt substitute (in place of sodium chloride). Suppose you were planning to make ice cream but discovered too late that you were out of table salt for making the ice bath. If the recipe called for one pound of NaCl, how would it work to use one pound of KCl instead?

My answer & reason:
so the 1 lb of KCl produces less moles than 1lb of NaCl because the molecular weight of KCl is greater than the molecular weight of NaCl? therefore, the molarity for KCl is less than the molarity for NaCl. As a result, KCl has a slightly higher freezing point (due to dTb=ikm).

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    I think your answer to the first problem is flawed because the problem states that the concn is the same which means the molarity is the same.
    I think the second problem looks ok.

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