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solve the system


  • algebra -

    double the first equation, then add that to the second to get
    5x+y = 17

    double the second, then add that to the third to get
    5x + 4y = 23

    now subtract those last two equations to get
    3y = 6
    y = 2
    put that into 5x + y = 17 for
    5x = 15
    x = 3

    now in the first
    6 - 2 + z = 3
    z = -1

    I assumed your second equation had -2z at the end. typo ??

  • algebra -

    Thanks, yes, typo
    I just finished solving it a long way, I solved the first two, then the second two,,etc etc. Your way seems much easier, I did get the same answers, yeah!!!! But, will your way always work?

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