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George has calculated that he can jump the gorge if the ramp is inclined to 45 degrees, and he attains a speed of 20 m/s. Will George make it? If not, how far short of the other side is he when he drops below the level of the ground?
What I did so far:
- I found the velocity in the horizontal and vertical direction which were both 14.14 m/s.
- I found time, using d = vit + 1/2at^2 and I got t=2.94 s.
- I put the time into the equation for horizontal displacement and I got (14.14)(2.94) = 41.6 m.
- I probably did something wrong. =/ Anyway, I've found (or tried to find) the distance of the gorge, but how do I find the distance of the jump &/or solve the rest of the problem?

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    first: correct
    second: correct
    third: correct
    The horizontal displacement is how far he jumped. The actual width of the Gorge has to come from other information.

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