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math (geometry)

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The pre-image of a reflection lies in quadrant II and the image is in quadrant III. which line could be the line of reflection?

a) y=x
b) y=-x
c) x-axis
d) y-axis

if you can then please do explain whay. i have no clue!!! thanks for your help!

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    draw a circle in quadrant 2
    reflect that into quadrant 3
    which axis did you reflect around?
    If it were around the negative 45 deg line(y= -x), it would never have left quadrant 2
    If it were around the positive 45 degree line (y=x) it would have jumped int quadrant 4
    If it were around the y axis, it would have moved right into quadrant 1
    So, it went the x axis route, down into quadrant 3

  • math (geometry) -

    thank you so much!!!!!

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