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Here is the Recommendation Memo that I wrote. The way that I set up is that way that it was in are book. Everything that I wrote is made up. Please feel free to add things or take things out. Can u please look at my grammar please. Thak you so much

To: Ronald Mills, OSU College Admissions, Personnel
From: Scott Hayfield, Oakland University, Professor of Biological Science
Date: February 19, 2009
Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Michael Johns

It gives me great pleasure in recommending Mr. Michael Johns for the graduate program in Physical Therapy at Ohio State University. Over the past four years it has been my honor to know Mr. Johns and have the opportunity to be his professor for his Kinesiology, Neuromuscular, and Musculoskeletal physical therapy lab classes. Michael Johns has been a true role model in my class and demonstrates the basic skills and knowledge to continue on with graduate school.

Mr. Johns has demonstrated some very unique findings about physical therapy through different research and projects. Michael has developed a seminar curriculum and has done many clinical assignments at different locations. He has presented his findings all over the world to different universities and has been recognized for such great academic achievement. Mr. Johns presentations have been ranked the best in the department of biological science. While in my class, Michael always scored the highest grades on all of my examinations. His services have benefited other students in his classes and has helped others become interested in becoming physical therapists.

Performance Skills
Michael Johns has demonstrated an outstanding academic performance and interest in the physical therapy field over the past four years that I have known him. His eagerness and willingness to demonstrate nothing but the best has really shined. Going beyond what was asked is Michael's forte. Michael always cared about his fellow classmates and their success. He takes time out of his own schedule to help those that are struggling and willing to make the best out of everyone else.
Mr. Johns is motivated and interested in practicing physical therapy. Michael has shown that he can be that kind of caring individual who is dedicated to helping other people. Michael Johns has met all the requirements here at Oakland University and has graduated with every honor available. He will make an excellent graduate student and it is such an honor to recommend him to the graduate program at Ohio State University.

Professor Scott Hayfield, OU Biological Science

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