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literature/new,revised intro

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this is my intro after i made changes:

Daughter of Invention[underlined] by Julia Alvarez is a great example of how families struggle when they move to a totally new place. The family moves from the Dominican Republic to the United States. This family consists of the narrator, her sisters, her mother and her father. Character development makes this book extremely interesting because you can notice when each character's thoughts and feelings are changing. The narrator starts out with a negative view about teachers, but throughout the story she changes her thoughts, and by the end her view on teachers is totally different.

please check and revise

but if my intro includes all these main ideas and points, whats going to be in my other paragraphs?[ i need 5 paragraphs]

thanks for helping!

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    if everything is fine in this paragraph then let me know the grammatical errors too..!

  • literature/new,revised intro -

    You're still fiddling around with the intro -- but haven't even planned, much less written, the body of the paper yet?

    Work on the outline/plan and the rough draft of the body of the paper. Then we'll take your intro into consideration.

    Remove the detailed ideas from that intro and put them into your plan/outline -- then into your draft.

    You're putting the cart before the horse here by skipping the entire prewriting part of the writing process.

    Please post your thesis statement (one sentence) and your plan/outline. That's your first priority.

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    okay. i understand what you're saying

    what should be my thesis statement? my first line, or the part about character development?

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    "Character development makes this book extremely interesting because you can notice when each character's thoughts and feelings are changing."

    That seems to be your thesis statement. Start from there and build a plan/outline:

    I. Intro, ending with thesis statement
    II. Character who changes during the story -- what he/she is like at the beginning of the story.
    III. What that character is like at the end of the story.
    IV. Why the changes happened.
    V. Conclusion

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    how about this as my plan:

    intro- thesis [ don't know yet ]
    1st- How narrator changes throughout story
    2nd- how mother changes throughout story
    3rd- how father changes throughout story
    conclusion- success or failure. why?

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    never mind. i think i like your plan much better and easier to focus on one person. thanks

  • literature/new,revised intro -

    You could follow that plan, but it'll be all over the place with three different characters.

    Concentrate on ONE character -- the one who has probably changed the most.

  • literature/new,revised intro -

    Right -- good idea!

    Now write up paragraphs II, III, and IV in rough draft form (no need to worry about spelling, grammar, etc., yet).

    Once you've gone over those paragraphs and revised and proofed, THEN you can deal with the intro, and finally the conclusion.

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