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my first paragraph of the evaluative essay:

"Daughter of Invention" by Julia Alvarez is a great example of how families struggle when they move to a totally new place. The main reason this story was such a big success was because of the use of character development. The story really brings out each character's feelings and how they change throughout the story.

this is just my intro the others i will give details on how they change and support them with evidence from the book. i will also post them up

please review this for me...if i need any change pleeease let me know!

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    i just realized i only have 3 sentences

    is there anything i need to or can add?

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    What does your outline or plan for the rest of the paper include? Please post it. No need to fret over an intro for a paper that's not written yet!!

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    The titles of novels are underlined, not put into quotes.

    Be more specific... the family immigrates form Santo Domingo to the US.
    Who are the people in the family? Start sentences with the main idea in the sentence... ie Character development makes this book extremely interesting. Make your thesis statement specifically about the changes that develop.

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    thanks GuruBlue, i will do that

    Writeacher, my plan just says: you'll write an evaluative essay offering you well-considered judgment on a piece of literature. this essay is not just an opinion though; you offer your evaluation and then support it with reasons and evidence to support your reasons

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