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Away, written by Michael Gow is an Australian play set in the summer of 1967-68. In the play, three unique yet in a sense stereotypical families experience their internal change by going through their physical and mental journey. Among these insecure families, Gow depicts Gwen and Coral as characters who undergo incredible transformation while they are away. This change is the result of getting out of their daily routine and embracing the healing power of nature.

Before being away, Gwen is illustrated as a stubborn woman who seems to be a judgemental and insecure person. She is pedantic and insecure about her life and she often loses her temper which causes series of dissensions. In Act Three, Scene Two, her uncontrollable rage is shown towards her daughter when she shouts

You¡¯re developing a nasty streak. A very nasty, cruel streak. You know what you are becoming? Snide. A nasty, snide girl. No one likes a snide girl, always arguing, always throwing a tantrum, getting your own way, answering back, correcting people, criticising, complaining, no one likes that sort of girl. (3.2)

Moreover, her inadequate behaviours towards people living in ¡°A sad, dirty life¡± (1.2) reveals her ignorant and pretentious personality. Because of her past experience when she was young, her true identity is hidden under her rudeness and anger. Gwen is portrayed as an outburst and snobbish character, until the storm they meet later in the play.

Gwen goes through her dramatic change after the storm by experiencing the healing power of her surroundings and understanding her change of roles. Vic¡¯s mournful news about Tom having leukemia was a critical catalyst which caused Gwen to realize what is more important to her and helped her to stabilize her mind. Her new overwhelming emotions can be seen when Gwen says ¡°If you want to ask me what I think or how I feel¡¦ I couldn¡¯t say.¡± (4.2) She accepts and regrets of her doings in the past and apologizes to her husband. This is essential because she was always on top of her family, but now she realizes her mistake and asks for forgiveness. Most importantly, she apprehends how valuable her family is to her, compared to her pursuit of materials. Rather than taking bex powder, she ¡®encourages¡¯ her husband ¡°No. Let¡¯s walk. Come on, down to the water. The water¡¯s so warm.¡± (4.2) This demonstrates her change of her mind to be more calm and wholesome. These incredible transformations in her personalities and values were all because of her being away and experiencing the internal purification.

Similar to Gwen, Coral is depicted as a withdrawn person who suffers from loses of her son. She seems to be locked inside an unseen world where she has to hide her true identity. While Coral was at Gold Coast with her husband Roy, she frightens other by talking to them in a weird king of manner:

Oh, Leonie, isn¡¯t it hard making contact with other people in this kind of place? Everyone¡¯s enjoying themselves but, I don¡¯t know, I feel it¡¯s a bit forced, do you fell that? Are you really enjoying yourself? Or are you only pretending. To please your husband, perhaps. (3.1)

This frustrating conversation led by Coral reminds the readers that she is being someone else. Furthermore, her odd behaviour in front of the others maddens her husband who warns Coral ¡°Well, You¡¯re even weirder than I thought if you think like that. It has to stop.¡± (2.3). Coral¡¯s grief is shown throughout the novel until she is ¡®away¡¯ from the everyday life.

Coral¡¯s remarkable transformation is because of her being ¡®away¡¯ from Roy; who can be described as a cage where Coral was caught in. Having away from her husband, Coral manage to express and live as herself without being disturbed. Her confidence of herself is vividly shown while she talks to Tom: ¡°I¡¯ll bet Kim Novak has more than an afternoon to get into a part¡± (4.3). She also overcomes her grief by talking to Tom, who also carries similar burden. Her concerns on Tom, ¡°You¡¯re not feeling¡¦ sick or anything? Tired?¡± (4.2) show that her true individuality has finally burst out to life. All these change could happen because Coral did not have to behave differently in front of her husband. Being away helped Coral to change not only her behaviour, but also find her true self.

Although Gwen and Coral¡¯s change was significant, Gwen¡¯s transformation was too dramatic and sudden, which can cause the readers to criticize Gow¡¯s play. Gwen behaviour could have changed while she was away with her family in the caravan park whereas she rather acted even more stubborn. Moreover, it was too absurd that Tom¡¯s illness affected Gwen a lot for her to change quickly. However being magical realism, the play enables the audience to understand the irregular alteration and other dramatic events occurred such as Coral¡¯s change help epiphany to be possible.

By going through a significant journey away from their home, Gwen and Coral experienced incredible transformation in both internally and mentally. This physical voyage which broke the daily routine and uneven lifestyle suggests that people should take a break and set themselves to a holiday or a vacation. It is uncertain but most likely that they might find their new identity in the natural world.

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