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9th grade

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My question is on Distributive Property, I need help on the following questions.

1. 3(u+v)
2. 4(2+5s)+3
3. 1(a+2j+12k)
4. 15(ab+3c)
5. 2(a+2b)+3(2a-b)
6. 3(e-4f-ef)


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    Help needed.

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    well just distribute the number outside the paratheses to the stuff inside it.

    1.3u + 3v
    add like terms

    you try it from here

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    oh sorry its


    silly me

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    like chopsticks said..multiply what's outside of the parenthesis with everything insidefor example

    3. 1j + 2j + 12k
    [ 1 j is just j ] add like terms
    3j + 12k

    4. 15ab + 45c

    by the way, you're suppose to learn this stuff way before 9th are you learning it rite now?

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    thanks guys. dunno lol

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    =] well hope you understand it.. try the other two and post it later to see if you got em:)

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    ok guys I want to know if I got number 6 right.
    6. 3(e-4f-ef) answer: 3e-12f-3ef

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    thats right! good job =]

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