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please tell me if this is correct

Slave rebellions in the colonies were a result of
a. harsh laws controlling African Americans' activities
b. economic downturn
c. the spread of democracy
d. worsening conditions aboard slave ships


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    I think someone already answered this for you.

    But yes, the answer is still A.

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    Slave rebellions occured in many places in many times. One of the deadlest occured in 1823, in the Carribean, which was the result of a missionary teaching slaves that all men were equal before God.

    One important aspect of its significance was that the 1823 Demerara revolt was the first major revolt in the Caribbean where Christianised slaves played a prominent role. Many of the rebels were members of Bethel Chapel, a church which the London Missionary Society had established at Plantation Le Ressouvenir in 1808, when it sent its first missionary, John Wray, to Demerara. Wray was sent in response to a request from Hilbertus Hermanus Post, a Dutchman who owned the plantation, for a clergyman to instruct his slaves in the Christian faith.

    >>From the outset most slave owners on the East Coast of Demerara were very disturbed by this development. They feared that the missionary's teaching would make the slaves more discontented and rebellious. They were particularly concerned about the impact on slaves of doctrines such as the equality of all men in the sight of God and Christian brotherhood. These doctrines seemed incompatible with slavery, an institution based on the subordination and inequality of man.>>

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