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a bullet with a mass of 6.00 g is fired through a 1.25 kg block of wood on a frictionless surface. the initial speed of the bullet is 896 m/s, and the speed of the bullet after it exits the block is 435 m/s. at what speed does the block move after the bullet passes through it?

little help..

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    The drop in momentum of the bullet NEARLY equals the increase in momentum of the block. You will be neglecting the additional momentum of any wood blown out of the hole.

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    I have answered the question. Convert what was written above into an equation.

    m(v1 - v2) = M V
    Capital letters represent the block and lower case represents the bullet

    Forget about the blown-out wood's momentum.

    We will be happy to critique your work. We are here to help you do your homework, not do it for you.

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