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Social Studies/American Government

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Could you check my answers by the way they have to do with the Missouri State Missouri State Constitution.

Missouri State Constitution.

1. What is the Preamble?
Answer: The Preamble is the first paragraph of the Constitution, and it states why the Constitution was written.

2. Where deos the government get it's power?
Answer: From the people.

True or false
3a. The people have the right to get rid of the old constitution.
Answer: True

3b. The states can write any constitution they want.
Answer: False

3c. The constitution does not protect people.
Answer: False

3d. People must be the religion that the government tells them to be.
Answer: False

3e. People have to give money to churches, priests, ministers, etc. every week.
Answer: False

3f. In the United States there is a seperation of church and state. True

3g. Section 8 tells that people can not speak out against the government is this true.
Answer: False

4. What is the right to assembly and petition (section 9)?
Answer: The people can meet together (assemble) or ask (petition) the government for changes.

5. Explain due process of the law (section 10)?
Answer: The government has to go through certain steps and do things in a certain way before people can be arrested or put in jail. Such as they can't be sentenced to prison unless they've had a trial.

6.Can people be put in jail for owing money?
Answer: No

7. What is it called when people can no be put in jail for crimes committed "after the fact" a law was made?
Answer: Ex Post Facto

8. Explain why the police can not go in your pockets without a warrant.
Answer: The police can't go in your pockets without a warrant because the person has to have evidence to show what they did wrong.

9. Explain the difference between a petit jury and a grand jury?
Answer: A petit jury doesn't discuss an indictment and a grand jury does.

Yes Or NO
10a. Are we guilty until proven innocent?
Answer: No

10b. If you commit a serious crime, must the government indict you?
Answer: Yes

10c. Does the accused have the right to an impartial jury?
Answer: Yes

11. What is change in venue? Give one example.
Answer: A change in venue is the case will be tried in another city, or town away form where the crime happened. An example is the Casey Anthony case because the trial can't be held in Florida, and it won't be a fair trial if they held it in Flordia.

12. Is excessive bail allowed?
Answer: No

13. ------- is when a prisoner is beaten and not fed.
Answer: Cruel or unusual punishment

14. A person can have a ------ trial or a ----- trial.
Answer 1: Jury
Answer 2: Judge

15. Can a perosn protect there home with a gun? ---- If so is thee lwas surrounding gun usage?-----
Answer 1: Yes
Answer 2: Yes

16. People who are not in the military are called --------.
Answer: Civilians

17. All ---------- in the United States are civilians.
Answer: Government Leaders

18. The military is -------- to the civil government which meants the military must obey the civilian government.
Answer: Subordinate

19. Having the right to vote is called -----.
Answer: Suffrage

20. Land and houses on the land is called -------
Answer: Property

21. What is eminent domain?
Answer: The governments right to take property for the good of all the people.

22. What is collective bargaining?
Answer: Workers can bargain as a group for improved working conditions.

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    I'm not familiar with the Missouri Constitution, but I assume they are all correct. It looks like the Missouri Constitution closely follows the U.S. Constitution.

  • Social Studies/American Government - ,

    It does thanks

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