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Classroom Management

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In the 6th grade social studeis class Mrs. Jones asked Tom to stop
talking with his neighbor, but he continued. After three other reminders,
Mrs Jones asked Tom to move to another seat. Tom refused saying
"You can't make me move.:

What would you do?

Short term response

Long term response

  • Classroom Management -

    With such defiance, Tom needs to removed from the classroom immediately. Follow whatever school policy handles removal of a student from the classroom.

    For the long term, I'd see Tom and his parents after school to discuss this issue.

  • Classroom Management -

    Your the teacher, he is the student. There said, your in charge and he isn't. Assuming, you don't to anything that violates your teacher to student relationship you be just fine. My advice is to ask if it should happen again to please move, if something similar happens with him abiding to your command that is where you have some options.

    1. call in for backup(pricible, someone). a little extreem, but does the trick, but makes you seem like your not able to handle your job without help not a good sign.

    2. Make an example out of in infront of the entire class.(ex. remind him participation i.e. following what you say again without over stepping your boundries is a part of his grade. And if he doesn't want unhappy parents due to his soon to be F in the class that he or she should quite acting up. Yes, i could list the rest, but you get the idea.

    P.s. Good Luck and would love to hear back on how it goes.

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