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Posted by shannon on Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 2:15pm.

During the sixth month of the fiscal year, the program director of the Westchester
Home-Delivered Meals (WHDM) program decides to again recompute fixed costs,
variable costs, and the BEP using the high–low method. Here are the number of
meals served and the total costs of the program for each of the first six months:
Month Meals Served Total Costs
July 3,500 $20,500
August 4,000 22,600
September 4,200 23,350
October 4,600 24,500
November 4,700 25,000
December 4,900 26,000
Recompute fixed costs, variable costs, and the BEP. What are the variable
costs? What are the fixed costs? How many meals will the WHDM program need
to provide during the fiscal year to reach the BEP? How much profit will the program earn if it completes its 45,000-meal contract with the City of Westchester

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