March 26, 2017

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Another grammar question from me... I need help understanding gerund phrases. I know the meaning and everything there is just no easy way for me to spot them..any help for me? Thanks

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    Gerund phrases begin with a verb form and are used as subjects and objects.

    Why don't you post a few sentences with gerund phrases and try to identify them. We'll be glad to check your work.

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    OK Thanks. Here are the questions given to me:
    1. Cheering the team gave me a sore throat.
    b.Cheering the team
    c.gave me
    d.a sore throat
    2. My uncle is taking up a new kind of exercise, walking. uncle
    c.taking up a new kind of exercise

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    Can someone please check my above post about gerund phrases? Thanks!

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    Yes. Both are correct. Of course, your second sentence only has a gerund, not a gerund phrase.

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    Oh, I thought so. ^_^

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