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Homework Help: Grade 10 Math

Posted by Jevette on Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 2:39am.

I've missed quite alot of school because I was sick and when I get back I have a test right away. The only problem is I have a worksheet and no answers, I really would appreciate help! I can't tell if I'm in the right direction or not for this test! Thank you!!

1. 3(x-5)-2(3x+1)+14=5(1-x)+3(x-12)-x
2. (x-1)^2 + (2-x)(x+2)+3=(x+2)^2-x^2+3x-5
3. (x+3)^2-(x-1)(1+x)+1=x^2+x+7-(x-2)^2
4. (1-x)^2-(2+x)(2-x)+4x=11(x^2-x)-(2-3x)^2+12
5. (2x-3)^2-(x+1)(1-x)+x=(3x-1)^2+(1-2x)(2x+1)-9
6. (2x-1)^2-(x+3)^2+x=(x+1)(1-x)+4(x^2-6x-1)
7. (3x-2)^2-(4+x)(x-4)+3x=(1-2x)^2+4(x^2-2x+3)+19

Thank you~

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