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I am working on a test review for Gov't and I cant find any information whatsoever in the text book. The question is...

Identify and explain why the following is important...

separation of church and state, religious toleration, Maryland Acts of Toleration, town meetings

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    seperation of church and state was when the churches stayed out of the states buisness and the states didn't interfere with the churches business.
    This let people pratice their religion freely and no law could be passed to do so.

    religious toleration let people pratice their own religion.

    Maryland Acts of Toleration - this act allowed freedom of worship to all the christians in Maryland, but sentenced anyone to death who denied the divinity of Jesus.

    A town meeting is a meeting where the population of an entire geographic area is invited to participate in a gathering, often for a political, administrative, or legislative purpose. Traditionally, a town meeting is a time when community members come together to legislate policy and budgets for their town. However, politicians in the United States have been using the term to represent a forum for voters to ask questions

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    Separation of church and state is addressed in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

    Why do you think religious toleration is important?

    Town meetings give individual citizens the right to speak out and vote on governmental issues.

    Google Maryland Acts of Toleration.

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