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Quick Spanish #2

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Describe what you have to do in each class in order to get a good grade. Use complete sentences.

1. (la clase de español)______________

2. (la clase de matematicas)____________

3. (la clase de ciencias)_____________

4. (la clase de ingles)______________

I'm not quite sure what to do and how to do this?

Maybe you could do the first one for me as an example?

Muchas Gracias

  • Quick Spanish #2 -

    Would I write it like this:

    Yo tengo hablar espanol.


  • Quick Spanish #2 -

    O.K. I'll do the first and then you try the rest. If you repost, I'll be glad to proofread.

    1. En la clase de español, tengo que escuchar, hablar y estudiar.

    Just figure out what you need to do for a good grade in each class.


  • Quick Spanish #2 -

    In #2 I see the problem. You are working with the idiom "tener + que + infinitive" so be sure you have all 3 parts.

    tengo que estudiar
    tienes que ayudar
    él tiene que abrir el libro



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