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so i have a circuit (series) where the the emf=12 V and R1=2 ohms and R2=0 ohms.

Basically, theres's a square. The battery voltage(12V) is on the left side. The R1=2 is on the top side of the square and R2=0 ohms is on the right side of the square.

The total current of the series is 6 A and the voltage is 12 A.

I know in series, the current is the same for all resistors so since R2=0 ohms, will the voltage for R2 and Current for R2 be zero while voltage for R1 is 12 V and current for R1 is 6 Amps.

or will current for R2 be 6 Amps as well.

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    Every electron that goes through R1 has to go through R2.
    Therefore the current through R2 is 6 amps just like through R1.
    The voltage drop V = i R2 is zero across R2 because its resistance is zero.

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