February 28, 2017

Homework Help: chemistry- Dr.Bob, can you help me out please?

Posted by ~christina~ on Monday, February 16, 2009 at 6:40pm.

If I had two unknown chemicals (in solid form) mixed together, how could I go about identifying the individual components of the mixture?
Is it possible, by UV, IR, GC, or HPLC?
The problem I have is that with:
GC= sample is destroyed &
if you don't know what compound
you have, you cannot compare
retention times & sample has to be
HPLC= same problem as GC except that
compound (s) don't have to be
IR= not sure how to identify two
unknown samples in a mixture with
IR because of the combined
fingerprint regions.
UV= I know that two compounds will mix
and the spectras will add, but I
only know how to find the
concentration of each compound, if
the identity of the two compounds
are known. If the identities of
the compounds are not known, how
can I use the spectra to
find the identity of each?

Thank you

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