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Homework Help: Sociology 101. Can someone please proofread this

Posted by Amy on Monday, February 16, 2009 at 12:04am.

Both writers make valid points in their essays regarding moral decline. Robert H Bork points out in his essay, Modern Liberalism and American Decline, that the morals and values have decreased in America due to the increase or movement towards modern liberalism. Bork believes that during the last several decades, Americans have put more emphasis on wanting to be able to express themselves as individuals and to be able to make their own choices. With the increase of liberalism it seems people are placing less value on things such as respectability, moral obligations to others, observing rules and social conformities. Americans are doing what ever makes themselves happy, without regards to social values and morals. Bork notes in the essay that although crime rates have stopped rising or even begun to decline, it is not due to the increase in morals and values of the new generation. The decrease seems to be due to better policing, higher incarceration rates and the decline of the number of young males in which statistics show are almost entirely responsible for violent crime. Bork believes this is all about to change. A new generation of young males is about to emerge in which violent crime will also flourish, even worse than the last.
In the essay Our Changing Culture: Abandoning the Sixties, Kay S Hymowitz argues that there has been an increase in the moral and values of the American people. Hymowitz states that studies have proven there is a better moral attitude of the new generation and that it is steadily growing. The rate of kids committing crimes, smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and having premarital sex is declining compared to past generations. More emphasis is being put on marriage, family, and hard work, even by the younger generations. Studies are showing that teens are more likely to state they are happy with their parents and believe you should wait to get married and have children. More people are taking the attitudes of old fashioned virtues such as caution, self-restraint, commitment and personal responsibility.
I personally feel America is in a moral decline. I agree more so with Robert Bork in that Americans care more about their personal liberties and doing what they want to do and are placing less emphasis on values and virtues. When I look at my community alone, I see more kids acting out, disobeying their parents and rules and going to juvenile detentions centers/jail. A lot of teens have no respect for themselves, their parents, or authority figures.

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